Do you have naturally curly hair ?

 Have you been searching for a specialist who will take care of your cutting and styling requirements?

 Would you like a haircut that is designed specifically for your individual curls?

 Are you tired of leaving the salon after your haircut only to find that it is behaving nothing like what you were told or how it  looked at the end of your service?

If you have answered “yes” to any of the above questions, then welcome.

We came to specialise in cutting naturally curly textured hair because of my passion for accommodating the client who just wants their hair cut correctly, with satisfying long lasting results.

Your appointment time will consist of an informative consult where an open discussion will determine what techniques and shapes are suitable specifically for your face shape and curly hair type. A ‘dry cutting’ technique will be carried out which results in perfect form and longevity between visits. There are set fundamentals to consider and we take pride in meeting your haircare needs from in-salon to home haircare and products

Project One Hair recommends that in order for us to see your curls in their natural form, you wash your hair the day before your appointment, style with your usual product, and do not to tie it up.

Frequently asked questions:

1. Q: How is your technique different from most salons?

A: We use a free hand technique cutting the hair curl by curl.

2. Q: Can I blow dry/straighten my hair after a ‘curly cut’?

A: No, we use a free hand technique tailored to your individual curls, which may be uneven when blow dried.

3.Q: Can I just pop in for a consult?

A: No, we are by appointment only, and don’t offer consults.

4.Q: Is it cheaper if your not having a blow dry?

A: No, because instead of a blow dry, we style your hair curly, taking you through product application and home care tips.

4.Q: Can I use product in my hair after washing it, on the day of my appointment?

A: YES! You certainly can, preferably a soft to medium hold product.

PLEASE NOTE: You must come in with your hair out, dried naturally from wet. Not tied up, head bands etc. Light to medium hold product is fine. Thank you